Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Summer I Can Handle

Yeah guys wtf is this summer?
I spent all winter dreading the heat, and here I am chilling out in a cardigan and tights. The local radio station is having this contest where they give away soda every time the temperature hits 102... ain't no one getting free Pepsi this year! It's been nice.

Of course I do spend more time in an air conditioned office than I do out in the elements.

As much as I love love love these tights, they ripped the second time I put them on. It's gotta be me, this happens to like every pair of tights I own, and it never stops breaking my little heart! (And my little bank.)

My Mom and Dad thought the backseams were a little too sexy. Idk, I guess I get the pinup connotation, but that was like 50 years ago. It's just 2 lines up my legs.

And I will forever love this dress, even though the fabric is cheap and just pilled it up immediately.

I used the car as a tripod for these photos, as my tripod is broken. I need to get a new one ASAP because I am about sick of using my garage door as a background!

I've been busy as hell lately, and I'm really looking forward to going back to school. I like changing up my routine, and I like packing, and I like having young people to show off my clothes to! Hardly anyone at work appreciates them.

I have so many things I wanted to do this summer, and now It's practically August and what have I done! At least with all the extra hours I've been working I'll have some more money. I'm going to buy a nice fancy camera for myself before I go back and I'll be glad to have any funds left over.

dress and necklace: Modcloth
cardigan: DIY here
shoes: BAIT (I think they're on sale now)
tights: Nordstrom outlet


  1. that's such a pretty dress, and the tights are by no means too sexy. I think it matters how you wear them - and in this case, they're just lovely.

  2. haha you cutie, and i love the tights. i can see the pinup-ness but i think it's fine with your skirt length. also, them clouds are adorable.

    xo marlen
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  3. This mustard dress is soooo perfect on you. And I have the same Bait shoes in grey- I LOVE them! The pink ones are super cute, too!

    Xo, Hannah

  4. You look cute in that dress and the cardigan's clouds are adorable. The lines up the legs are a bit sexy/pin-up/retro. As you say, really just two lines up the leg, but it draws the eye up the leg. But its not so sexy it isn't okay for work/daytime, either. I think that throw-back feeling is fun and your style!