Monday, July 8, 2013

Work to Play

Hey guys! Look what I did for you today! A little before and after work photos alllll foforororrr yoouuuuuu.

So I work in an office during the week, but it's part time and I get off at 2 (or earlier). So I usually like to change into something a little more summery. For work not only do you have to dress modestly, you've got to dress "for business" aka no T shirts, but I really dig casual summer style, and I don't always want to pull out a whole new outfit when I get home. So here's how I changed this outfit into a less worky one!

For work I wore a peplum top over a pleated skirt. Together they look like a dress. I also kept the accessories pretty minimal.

And when I got home, I threw on a knotted T shirt! Popped on some sunglasses, and really it was like instant summer. My shoes transitioned pretty well, and obviously I'm never taking these tights off until I die.

I saw these tights on Erica's blog and calmly decided that there wasn't an option; they needed to be in my life. I'm incredibly excited about them, and I've already had one person ask me if they were tights or if I painted my legs. I seriously get this all the time with floral tights that have skin tone colors, it's the weirdest thing.

I made some BFF bracelets for me and Travis (he gets home from Italy the 16th!!!!) and I'm wearing both of them until he gets back.

peplum and skirt: American Eagle
unicorn shirt: designed by me!
shoes: target, DIY
tights: unique vintage
sunglasses: forever 21

This weekend I hung out with my friends Bryson and Laura. We went to the museum, the river, and shopping (or they patiently waited while I tried on clothes). It really was a ton of fun, I've got some pictures I'll share next Sunday on my weekly lifestyle post. 


  1. I wouldn't want to take off those tights either! They look great with the orange and black.

  2. Those tights are wonderful. I own a few pairs of patterned tights but I never quite know how to wear them! Btw, I mentioned you in a blog post today! :)

  3. Those tightsssssss! Also, I love the unicorn top too. x


  4. ooh those are amazong. it does look painted on haha

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment!
    This is so stunning - I love the patterned tights a lot! And your transformation is so pretty, too!

    Have a wonderful week,

  6. I'm OBSESSED with those tights! I didn't even realize that was a peplum shirt until you mentioned it, I thought it was a black/gray skirt, so cool!

    Summer x

  7. Aww these outfits both look SO cute! I don't think I have the legs for tights like these though haha!!

    I work in an office too so have to dress smart during the day but I get home around 7pm so am guilty of pulling on my pjs once I'm in and slobbing out haha!!

    Adorable blog - I love the blog title!! Following you now :)

    If you have a spare moment, head over to my blog at and keep in touch?

    -A xxx

  8. The floral tights are just beyond cute.


  9. Normally not a huge fan of pictures on tights, but these flowers are too adorable and look great on your lean, long legs!

  10. I loveeeee the peplum shirt anad skirt together - that's down right brilliant

  11. i love those tights!!!