Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July Disappointments

It's the 4th of July! Mine has really gotten off to a terrible start, but I hope you guys have a good one! I know a lot of people have been commenting on Elizabeth's recent post on the blogging myth. She brought up some really good points! I never really thought my life came across as perfect through my blog (I don't have an instagram to put pretty vintage filters over everything!) but that might just be because I'm the one living it, and I see and live through the not-so-great stuff going on.

Well hold on to your hats ladies and gents because it's only noon and today's events have already been pretty pitiful!

So I was really excited to do a Fourth of July themed post for you guys. I bought bomb pops and sparklers as props, and picked out this pretty outfit! I was going to take them yesterday, but it was rainy and my sister had a bad day and wanted to go shopping (not that I am complaining, I bought a ton of great stuff on sale).

I woke up this morning and it was pouring. So much for a summery all American photoshoot! But wait it gets better.

I'm taking these on our back porch so I won't get the camera wet, and some bee decides he wants to share my popsicle. He flies straight into my hair, falls onto my shoulder, and STINGS ME. I run into the house crying because I am not really a grown up, and when animals are mean to me it actually hurts my feelings.

The bee is still on my shirt, smugly grinning to his little bee self, and my Mom is shouting at me because I am shouting about the bee and she can't SEE the bee, because her close up vision is going. She's running around trying to find her glasses and the rubbing alcohol, and I can't even take off my shirt because I am wearing a damn jumper over it.

Thinking back, I could have flicked the bee off my shoulder, but I guess I was too distraught? So I rip off all my clothes, and am running around the house sobbing, in my underwear, in my sky high red heels, like "Dad cover your eyeeeeeessssss!!!"

He is calmer than me and my Mom about this, and is just like "OK" and looks away. My sister, who, for all her charms, is generally pretty unsympathetic to my pain, just looks at me and Mom in our hysterics, and proceeds to go about her morning routine.

So what you guys are looking at are the pictures I got before this all went down. Now I am in my pjs, with baking soday all in my bed and a red spot on my arm (hey, at least it coordinates with patriotic colors) wishing I hadn't woken up.

My plans for the rest of the day include marketing homework and potato chips.

pinafore, hat: thrifted
shoes: BC, via modcloth
shirt: forever 21 (it has stars on it)

So I have given up on the holiday spirit this year, but am trying not to get too sore over it. My therapist taught me long ago not to build things up to be perfect. It's even sunny out now! But I sincerely hope you all are having a good Independence Day!

I'm having a Fourth of July sale in my shop! A whopping 30% off my already cheap goods, today only!


  1. You have tons of crazy cute outfits!! Would love to see a few of them with cute little sneakers, perhaps some canvas Keds? They would look amazing on you !

  2. hahahaha ok i'm very sympathetic but that was SO FUNNY. i DIED at you running around in your undies and telling your dad to look away. what a bad way to start the day. well, at least you've got potato chips to look forward to!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. I'm sorry your 4th has been a bust, but you did get some gorgeous photos out of it. I really love the first one with you on the railing.

  4. so sorry you had a bad morning but just wanted to say i loved how you told this awful story in such a funny way :) i hope it got better from there!

  5. Aw, haha- I'm sorry! Hopefully someday you can look back on this with fondness ( well at least with tolerance- hehe) Happy fourth! Alex

  6. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Haha, I know it's actually not funny but I seriously had to laugh about this. I could just see the whole chaotic situation in front of my eyes!
    Lovely dress though!

    Have the best weekend ever,

  7. You look so adorable, and oh no!! I remember seeing a bee-related tweet, you poor thing!! I am definitely not a grown up when it comes to pain, either. I want to read this blog post you mentioned. I assume it's like, bloggers glossing over things and making their lives seem all rainbows and unicorns? I think I tend to do this to a certain degree, but I also really dislike when bloggers share too many disappointments too often. I never wanted my blog to become a place for me to vent, and frankly, blogging makes me happy, so I've always made an effort to focus on the positive while still being a realist. I hope your sting feels better today! Sending you hugs!

    xox Sammi

    1. Thanks, Sammi!
      I forgot to link to it, but it's from Delightfully Tacky:

  8. Oh Rachel :( I feel for ya! My 4th of July was a bit overcast and rainy too. And I probably would have DIED if a bee stung me. I'm severely afraid of them, it's really bad.... so as crazy as it sounds, to me your reaction sounds calm haha. And hey, your outfit is gorgeous! I love the denim and red lips and sandals!

  9. Bee stings suck, but at least you where able to see the humor in it. It was a rainy 4th here too, though we didn't notice to much (we'd just gotten back from flying home and were pretty out of it).

    I still like the outfit though. Very cute.

  10. i totally feel ya on tragic outfit picture taking experiences. i've talked about how misleading an outfit was before since during the shoot i had a shoe break and all sorts of things go bad. sorry about this experience— i love the way you shared it though and even seem to be a bit lighthearted about it.

    and in the end you look pretty fabulous so obz THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS ON THE INTERNET

  11. I'm sorry you had such a bad holiday! I didn't have the greatest one either. I had an outfit post I wanted to do on the 4th but since it has been raining for weeks, there was about a 5 minute break and I literally pulled off the side of the road and made my friend take pictures of me!

    I have seen a lot of talk about the perfection thing for a while now, and it's something I've thought about. But I think most all of us realize that things aren't always shiny. This is a place to be positive and uplifting and inspiring to others (and let others feed you as well) Just like people don't post pictures of themselves crying or a video of me laying in my bed for TWO WHOLE DAYS. No one really wants to see that.

    Anyway I was pretty entertained by your bee story and loooved the comment about when animals are mean to you it actually hurts your feelings. :)

  12. That really doesn't sound too bad, and you definitely can't tell you had a bad morning from these photos-you look very sweet!

  13. This outfit is so cute! Love your chambray dress and your red wedges. Will follow via Bloglovin.

  14. Aw :( I've TOTALLY had stuff like that happen when I plan a shoot. We burned our hands like mad last year trying to use smoke bombs in my fourth of july post! It was funny, but not at all. Then they didn't work AT all and did not shotw up in the photos.

    I love your dress though! and hat! and bomb pop. You are seriously adorable.