Monday, July 29, 2013


First, I love these green pictures! Quickest outfit shoot of my life, we just walked past this alley after lunch and snapped three shots with Trav's iphone. Chartreuse is good to me.

Second, I went on my first little bar crawl (to 2 bars) for my 21st this weekend with my friends! It was a lot of fun. I got a chocolate martini, something fruity with vodka in it (called a woowoo?) and a rum and coke. I was pretty drunk at this point, but I hadn't let Travis have a single drink while we were out so he could be the best designated driver possible, and we drank some more once we were home. This was my mistake. I was feeling great and super dizzy and the limeade/blueberry vodka things we were drinking were delicious. I fell asleep and then woke up half an hour later to go puke into the toilet.

I wasn't really hungover in the morning, which leads me to believe my brain could handle it but my stomach could not. Regardless, I'm making 3 drinks my mental limit now.

So about this outfit. Super simple, but I love it! These shoes are the coolest shoes in the world. I know some people aren't into the jelly comeback, but it's actually my favorite thing. Super comfy and clear and full of glitter... I love em.

Also, here are a couple art things from recently:
A couple's portrait set for Holly and Mike, who just celebrated an anniversary!

And this is just a sketch inspired by something on my tumblr feed (my go-to for inspiration) that will probably turn into a painting.

shirt: Old Navy, boys section
shorts: Goodwill
shoes: ASOS
brooch: handmade, in my shop
sunglasses: F21


  1. I love the simple outfit! And the couple portrait. I'd really like to order one for our first anniversary!

  2. Lookin' cute! <3 I love the jellies comeback, too! I love my new blue pair 8)

  3. LOVE your jelly shoes and your right - that backdrop perfectly compliments your outfit! <333

  4. Ah jellies. I remember those from childhood. They're evil! Blisters everywhere :( hopefully they've engineered a new design or something. It's good you've found a limit for drinking! Too many newly 21 year olds tend to take it overboard, and despite its legal standing, I think a lot of people forget just how dangerous alcohol is. Sounds great that you were responsible about a designated driver and all! I cannot drink anymore due to having my gallbladder removed and the changes that pregnancy make to a body but I used to like gin and tonics. :)

  5. That chocolate martini sounds soooo delish! And I'm loving your jellies... they're one of my favorite summer trends! I haven't gotten the courage to buy myself a pair yet, but I love how they look on you!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. hahah it was probz the chocolate martini that did you under- that stuff is never good. next time drink one glass of water after each drink- it's a sure fire way to never be hungover and never to puke. i had to learn this the hard way ;)

    xo marlen
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