Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I took photos on the roof today, which my Mom absolutely hated. I didn't have to tell her I was going to, but I thought if she heard a loud thud, she should know to call an ambulance.

I used to sneak out here when I was a kid, until I got caught.

You guys know those days where you just don't feel like it? I worked the second half of the day, and left feeling tired and yucky, and not at all like doing anything creative. So I dressed up and climbed onto my roof with the camera (rational solution?)

It helped a little. I still think I need a bubble bath.

I am wearing my new favorite lipstick, though! It's Glamazon by Tarte in Fierce, and it was way more than I usually spend on a lip product. But it's also perfect, so I think it was worth it! It's nice to treat yourself sometimes. This stuff lasts all day, feels great on, and is the perfect orange-red. It's not infallible if you plan on eating really messy or making out or something, then it gets smeary.

dress: Dillard's (old old old)
necklace: flea market
bracelet: handmade by me


  1. that is one lovely dress
    and I do believe in bubble bath for a cure of a long busy day :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  2. I love that dress. You look just like a doll. x


  3. These photos are great, and omg that DRESS! You look like Wendy from Peter Pan! So in love with it. And that key necklace is great.

    xox Sammi

    1. Omg Wendy from Peter Pan is such a good one, she spent a lot of time on rooftops (or at least looking out over them) right?

  4. A dreamy-airy dress that hopefully makes you feel better. Hope you do take an enjoyable bubble bath!

  5. The color of this dress is beautiful on you, and I love that you were adventurous and took these photos on the roof. I lay out and tan on my roof all the time, but I have never taken outfit photos on it! You're definitely inspiring me!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. ooo very cool shoot- good call on letting your mom know though, haha. and i really love the one where we only see half your face. i love that lip color! i'd totes get it too

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. This dress is SO pretty! :)

    <3 Meg

  8. a bit dangerous but the pictures came out great and your dress is super pretty!

  9. I think dressing up and taking pictures helps! I've done it a couple of times haha. I love your outfit and that lipstick :D

  10. the red hair with the soft blue dress is just stunning! what fun pictures!

  11. this is so awesome im like so inspired! roof posts!

  12. Love these! This is one of those 'gurl, you crazy' moments but I love the pics. If I were your mom I would be freaking out too though XD