Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Art Lately

Some art I've done lately:

A commission for a girl's Mom who is a realtor

 A portrait for Marie of Lemon Drop Vintage!

You can email me for commissions at ohavalanche@gmail.com, buy one from my etsy, and keep up with my art on tumblr!


  1. I've seen some of these on your tumblr lately and I really adore them! I think you and your style really come through in your work. :)

  2. you make such cute illustrations! what a fun biz card and i esp love the "just do yo thang" one. is that one for sale in your shop? i just checked but didnt see it there and it really reminds me of a really good friend.
    My blog: Cuddly Cacti

    My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

    1. Dus, it's not currently for sale in my shop, but if you're interested, I'll make one and send it to you! You can purchase one of my other prints and I'll send you this one instead :)