Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What is Grunge

Okay guys okay.

Right now I am on a very long car ride to Boston with my Dad on the way to Readercon! Which is a scifi literature convention that doesn't involve cosplay. Kinda wish it did! But it should be interesting. I have a few  posts scheduled for you guys this week, so you probably won't miss me too much.

I really dig this dress I got at Goodwill, it reminds me of 90s grunge (or what tumblr says 90s grunge was, I was like 5). I wore it with my new studded shirt... I just want everything I own to have studs lately. If you're wondering, it is too hot to be wearing this green hoodie, but not as hot as SC usually is this time of year! #countyoblessings

dress: Goodwill
shirt, necklace: f21
hoodie: Old Navy ($6, men's section!)
shoes: Kohl's (so so old)


  1. Stripes and floral, my favorite! Still loving your red hair, have fun at the convention with your dad! :)

  2. What cute shoes (have no idea how you are managing socks in such hot weather though!) Have fun at the convention. Sounds like a fun father-daughter thing to do.

  3. oh, i do love that print on your dress! i also think i have a pin that is just like your unicorn necklace!

    lindsey louise

  4. Scifi literature convention sounds so cool. It should have some cosplay!

    Cute outfit!! What an awesome find at goodwill :D