Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Made A Dress: Gemstones

Omg guyz I made another dress. And get this: I took my time. Even more astonishing, it helped?!

I am actually hella proud of this one, I tried a new skirt technique that it turns out I love, and I (drumroll) hand printed the fabric! Go ahead, tell me it's great! I know it!

So this is a preview of what you'll be seeing a shitton of from me this year, as it's how I'll be doing my senior thesis. Assuming I get it approved but don't worrydont worry itll be fiiiiiiiinnne. So I will go ahead and tell you my biggie mistake with this one. I used too short of a zipper and it's pretty hard to pull it on over my boobs.

I was giving Kit a hug because he told me he really like the printing work and color scheme.

Also you guys is it weird or what that I am making money?? I am not complaining, no way, it's just a really different feeling for me! I am so lucky to have my internship and have people paying for my art. Thank you guys so much for being so supportive!

Speaking of money though, I like, can't stop buying things. I've recently discovered the sale section at Asos, and I've been creeping through etsy as well!

Okay enough photos now! I am going to try my hand at some crop tops and tanks that I'll hand print to sell.

dress: handmade by me
shoes, shirt, bag, hat: thrifted
necklace: forever 21

How are you guys doin? Let me know!

Oh and you can get 15% off in my store with the code FOURTH until Thursday!


  1. Love this! Super cute! Alex


  2. Omg I LOVE the dress!! It's so cute!

  3. so cute! good for you that you made it!!



  4. Gah, so cute! It's so cool that you hand printed the fabric! Seriously Rachel, make me a dress! I'm just putting this out there, if you ever want some publicity for your shop... ;)

    You're way too talented. And congrats on making money! Can't wait to see all this new stuff you're buying.

  5. Loving the dress! And the jewels look awesome! Hooray!! Once again, I'm envious of your mad skillz.

    xox Sammi

  6. you are out of control with the hand printing- i LOVE the designs you come up with. you should make a cat crop top. just putting it out there.

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. The skirt is so twirly! And I love this print so was even more impressed to find it was hand painted.

    Congrats on making money. Doesn't that feel great? :D

  8. who amazing job making that dress!! the print is so cute! and sorry to hear your 4th had so many bad events w/ the rain then the bee!

  9. This dress is SO awesome! And hey you work hard, you totally deserve your success :)

    <3 Megan


  10. I love it!! The fit looks amazing :O Keep buying things, you deserve some goodies :D

    I'll love to see crop tops from you!