Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow Day!

Look, guys, snow!

I had to go out and take pictures in it, because we really don't get good snows very often in South Carolina. Last time was my freshman year, so January 2011. This was one perfect snow, too. Very powdery and pretty. Class was cancelled for 3 days and everyone was out sledding and building snowmen. The snow was so bright I couldn't really see my camera screen so I had no idea how these shots turned out until I was back in my room. So I guess I mostly was not smiling, just giving the camera that open-mouthed stare (?)

Also I know it's not like, the world's cutest outfit, but it was cozy for a nice walk in the snow. Even though it was really pretty for a few days, I don't really envy Northerners at all... this stuff is hard to walk in and (at least here) shuts the whole area down.

Sweater, Scarf, Hat, Bag: Thrifted
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Wanted

Here're my friends Amanda and Laura in the snow. I swear, we own like 2 pairs of gloves collectively and I was dishing out scarves all week.

I can't take credit for this adorable snowman.
In other news, this weekend was not only Valentine's Day, but Travis's 22nd birthday and our 3 year anniversary. I'll post more on that later! Hope you guys all had a good Vday :)


  1. Glad you all got to enjoy the snow and Happy Early Birthday to Travis!

  2. Happy v-day! I'm so annoyed that I can't thrift things like that sweater, it's perf. I wish there was snow here, instead we have gale force winds! I nearly got blown over yesterday! xx

  3. I wish that's all the snow we got! Also your hair is a perfect color and I love it with your sweater. I think you look adorable! And congrats on the 3 year! My boyfriend and I hit that mark a few months ago. It feels like a lifetime/like we just met. Weird. Anyways, enjoy your snow days!

  4. Your hair is so bright, i love it!