Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Well check out this fun background I have goin on here!
Those are the tote bags I printed for my thesis, which is called "Memory Lane" and is a collection of hand-printed t-shirts, skirts, and totes designed by me around the concept of Nostalgia! This is the first time I've posted any of the finished products on here, but a lot of you helped me out last semester with a survey about this stuff, so thanks! I'm getting really close to the due date for all this, so soon I'll post the final lookbook, and everything will be available for purchase!

Today I worked really hard on making this outfit look effortless, so don't let it fool ya! I am so totally in love with these jeans I got at Urban Outfitters. I don't normally buy stuff there unless it's on super sale because I feel like it's not worth what they charge, quality-wise. I really hope these hold up though, because I can tell you now I'mma be wearing them a ton! I think they make my butt look good ;)

Also, they're $20 off right now.

Shirt: American Apparel
Jeans: UO
Shoes: Idk, Rack Room?
Cardigan, Belt: Thrifted
Coat: Old Navy
Necklace: Modcloth
Floral Crown: DIY

Today I was getting lunch, and the girl behind me in line took a picture of me with her phone. I know this because the flash went off. Lol seriously. She was probably like "Look at this weirdo in front of me with pink hair." Pretty sure she knows I'm on to her...


  1. Will that fish print be on anything else, or just the tote bag? If only on the tote bag, can I reserve a fishy tote bag ahead of time and snatch it up once it's available for purcahse?

    1. Thanks, Katie! It's also on a blue skirt and an orange shirt, but they were sized for my model so it will be a game of luck! I'll definitely show them to you before I make them available for sale for anyone!
      If you email me, I can go ahead and send you the details and you can decide :)

  2. Those tote bags are so cute! Can't pick a fave. The gameboy one, or if thats an ice cream one behind you then that one for sure!

  3. I think it does look effortless and very, very cool of an outfit. Using the Totes as a background is fun and we'll all be excited to see your lookbook.

  4. You're rocking the flawless urban babe thing today. Usually not my thing, but I really like your rendition of it, especially with the flower crown. I can't wait to see your lookbook!

    Strangers taking pictures of you is the most awkward thing. Usually in my case they ask, though, because I usually look like I might bite them otherwise. I smile for my blog, but I have a serious case of chronic bitch face otherwise.

  5. I'm so happy i've stumbled across your ow so beautiful blog. Goodness me you have some amazing style, absolutely perfectly quirky. New follower! x

  6. She took that picture cause you look flawfree :)
    Also, those prints on the totes are adorable as hell!

  7. Love the totes, especially the one with the fish! They make such a nice backdrop for pics - I say make it your trademark :)

  8. You look awesome, and I love the backdrop so much!!

    xox Sammi

  9. your butt does look awesome in them! at the sake of sounding like a creeper haha. it's seriously tricky for me to find a really well fitting pair of pants, esp that make my butt look nice and not smash it down uncomfortably (not that it's that big, but it seems to happen to me a lot w/ jeans... anyway. i love this effortless look, & your totes are amazing! and... funny about the pic.

  10. Please, please, please tell me when you're selling the gameboy tote because I NEED it in my life.

    Also, you are rocking the floral crown like no other. I actually really love this understated simple look on you too. So different, but you look fantastic!

  11. ...can we just talk about the fact that your socks match your hair? Adorable.


  12. OMG these came out SO good, love them! The girl seriously probably took a picture of your hair as inspiration to bring to the hairdresser next time! Something I'd totally attempt to do, but uhh hopefully without the flash! :)
    xo Hannah

  13. If you were wearing that coat, she got a picture of that! Haha its so cute!

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