Monday, February 10, 2014

Obsessions: Alt J

I truly have not been so obsessed with an album since the seventh grade when I played Relient K's Mood Rings on loop. But that was in a fangirly, teeny bopperish way. My Alt J obsession is this deep rooted, they-speak-to-my-very-soul sort of thing.

They're English, and according to Google, qualify as Indie Rock. I first heard their hit, Breezeblocks, on our local alternative station this past summer, and was hooked. Their lyrics are often unintelligible, which I like, because you hear a little more each time. If you can ever decipher what they're saying, it's kinda pure poetry. Weird word choices and songs about mental disorders, sex, and dysfunction that I've been playing on my iPhone multiple times a day. Whenever I feel a bout of anxiety coming on, Dissolve Me calms me down. They currently only have one album out, An Awesome Wave, but I'm really hoping they stick around for awhile... I mean, they were on a Windows commercial, so they must have hit the big time.

(I hadn't seen the music video before today, and it's pretty dark. About a serial killer, if you're gonna skip it, but I always read the song as the story of a sick obsessive relationship.)


  1. I absolutely LOVE Alt-J!! I first heard Fitzpleasure on the radio, which I liked well enough, but as soon as they started playing Breezeblocks, I was hooked! I got the album and listened to it so many times! They're really great and have amazing range! Breezeblocks is my favorite by far, but I really enjoy Something Good too! So many good songs though!!! You're the first person I've seen on the internet that has expressed interest in them! I'm stoked!

    1. Ahh! I'm so glad there's someone else who likes them so much! They're so under rated!

  2. They are really good. I've only heard a couple of their songs on Spotify but I liked them. I'll have to make time to listen to the whole album soon. :)