Friday, October 4, 2013

Blogger Friends!

Omg Happy Friday, guys!

I am so glad this week is over. I hate thinking that way, because I consider myself to be pretty painfully aware that we as humans only get one life, and it's annoying to think I'm impatient for any part of it to pass. But I had a lot to deal with! The worst of which was a critique on my senior thesis from an old teacher of mine. She's a really amazing, inspirational woman, but she does not hesitate to tell it like it is. And she saw one of my sample dresses and was like "No." I think the word "disgusting" was used, and though she gave me a lot of helpful advice, it wasn't a nice meeting. Don't throw me a pity party or anything, though! I know that's just one opinion, and I'm going to keep going with my clothing collection! (I am really proud of myself for not crying tho.)

Anyway, I had a ton of fun yesterday hanging out with my fellow fashion blogger on campus, Sarah!

I was so excited to meet with Sarah! We had a lot of fun talking about fashion and blogging and art-kid stuff!  I took these photos for her, and though I'm no photographer (her boyfriend takes her photos for her a lot, and he actually does fashion photography), we got some good shots, I think! She wears a lot of thrift store stuff, has super cute style, and is like, the nicest person. Why aren't you following her yet? Go do that!

On Me
Dress: Target
Shoes: Asos
Vest, belt: Thrifted

On Sarah
Dress: Rue 21
Shoes: Thrifted

Anyway, I hope you all are on the cusp of a seriously incredible weekend!
(I don't think I've ever used cusp correctly in a sentence before, but there you go.)


  1. Good luck as you continue with your dresses.

    And how fun you got to hang with another blogger!

  2. Sorry about that professor! :(

    It's awesome to meet another blogger! I had a moment like that this summer, and I was fangirling all over the place.

    <3 thank you lol!

  4. aw, hanging with other bloggers is so much fun! You look lovely, sorry about that professor! That sounds way harsh, but fashion is so subjective.

  5. Ugh, that is senior thesis for you. Just use it as a way to take a hard look at your direction, and don't let it stop you nonetheless. Anything art-related is so subjective; I had professors in school who hated everything I did (I was way more into traditional illustration at the time) because I was not an abstract painter and that was all they liked; contemporary or abstract work. Some of them were very merciless, and in the next breath they'd praise a classmate of mine who was doing something I just simply couldn't understand. It's just a welcome-to-the-art-world moment... I assume that holds true for fashion as well.

    Yay for bloggy friends! Everybody's bloggin' out all over the place now, it seems.

  6. fashion blogging friends are the BEST!!! all the regular friends don't quite understand what it means to be a blogger :) its nice to take time to have someone to chat w/ and of course take photos of each other. Sounds like a blasty. Good luck w/ the thesis. You will do great!!!!!!! A few bad dresses need to happen for the gem to come out :)