Monday, October 7, 2013

Thug in a Pinafore

My sister told me this beanie made me look like a thug.

Today I have kindof a combo my-outfit/nature-photography post for you, from Sunday when I spent the day with my two favorite people at the State Capitol Park. Luckily, its not operated by the federal government, so we could still hang out there and eat our pizza. There was also like a biker gang appreciation thing going on and all these motorcyclists were on the steps of the building singing the national anthem.

I've got a bunch of fun faces in this photoset! My sister took all the pictures of me (and continues to prove her skill at things that she doesn't care about doing).

Pinafore, Shoes, Belt, Hat: Thrifted
Shirt: Gift from Emma via Charlotte Russe
Socks: Old Navy

My new hair makes everything looks so much brighter! It makes me want to wear neutrals and monochrome.

And here's my best thug face. Where'd my eyebrows even go?


  1. Your eyebrows must not be very thuggish, so they left because they didn't want to spoil the picture =P

  2. This outfit is too adorable!! And that bee ring is amazing. :)

    xox Sammi

  3. same here with the hair thing! i have been wearing black and white for days :) i need ot get more adventurous! i love the photo w/ the butterfly :D