Monday, October 14, 2013

Art Lately

This is a rough draft of a poster I'm making for my Dad's Astronomy Club (that's cute, right?)

A little fanart.

And this one is for school: we're illustrating a few chapters from The Odyssey and this here is Penelope praying to Athena.


  1. Oh, I'd never though of it, but your art style lends itself beautifully to illustration. I also really like the dirty girl, partly because it seems like a slightly different style and it is fun to see both your usual art style and this.

  2. I love your space girl. I tend to fancy your cool colored pieces. <3

  3. I really like your illustrations! Just a thought, though: trying drawing some People of Color every once in a while? The lack of diversity in art is such a shame.

    1. I appreciate your comment, and it's something I have been focusing on lately! I definitely agree that art (mine included) needs more diversity and I have been incorporating some sassy ladies of color into my sketches/paintings lately (just did one tonight actually!) You can peruse my tumblr for examples.

  4. I really like your illustrations! My favorite is dirty girl. The color scheme is lovely.

    xo Jessica