Monday, October 28, 2013

Guest Post: DIY Bloody Oxfords

Hey guys! Today I've got a cute and creepy Halloween guest post by Skye of My Kingdom for a Hat for you. She's got a weird and fearless sense of style, and I really admire her guts (lololol). Enjoy!

Hey y'all! I'm the mistress of absurdity over at My Kingdom for a Hat. I live for Halloween, and I'm delighted to spread my passion for plague and pestilence all over the blogosphere. Today I'll be teaching you how to stain and style your very own bloody oxfords. 

You will need...

1 pair of shoes (white is best, obviously. Other colors might work, but I can't promise the red will interact with them as well as it does with white.)
1 box of Borax 
1 cup of water (adjust amount for preference, and make sure to use a cup you don't care about ruining)
1 teaspoon
Red and blue food coloring 

Oh yeah, and a towel. Can you tell I do this a lot? 

Add Borax to water by the teaspoon. The amount is up to you. I used about 6 teaspoons to about a cup and a half of water to get a nice slimy, not-too-viscous consistency. If you're going more for guts than blood, use more Borax. Keep stirring until you reach your desired texture. 

Add red and blue food coloring. Again, the specific amounts depend on personal preference. Just make sure to use much more red than blue. Stir until blended.

Dip your fingertips in the mixture and flick drops onto the shoes. The blood will bead up, but don't be tempted to smear it; it'll start to run on its own soon enough.

If you so desire, squirt a few more drops of red food coloring over the shoes. This will create a nice layered color. 

Give them ten or so minutes to dry, and there you have it! A super-quick way to give any outfit a touch of the macabre. 

It might be fun to work these into a subtler look, wherein the shoes were the only real pop of absurdity. But I'm me, so I went all out with my Hell Bunny dress and Spirit Halloween headband. I got the jacket for $5 at a thrift store, and it's one of the best-worn items in my closet.

Happy Halloween! Be sure to check my blog over the next few days for more holiday finery. 

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  1. This is a great idea but I like the shoes so much that I would feel bad doing that to them:(! Loved your blog and will come back for sure! I find it very inspirational...

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