Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Week I...

This Week I...


Drove some more.

Got Trav this cute tee.

Worked out (after taking a photo of the view from the elliptical machine).

Passed by the State Fair.

What about you?


  1. 1. Jason had friends over and they played nerdy miniatures games on little model terrains and stuff they made themselves. For HOURS. But there was pizza, so it was all good.

    2. Saturday we dropped our dog off with friends in Clemson and then drove south of Atlanta for a friend from college's wedding.

    3. I drank a lot of wine. And also a rum and coke that was probably 80% rum. Then lots of sprite.

    4. Drove back, picked up the puppy, Jason did blacksmithing work while I ran and snagged groceries.

    5. Played Fallout: New Vegas. Then spent most of the night trying to keep our old cat from killing our new cat. I did this by taking new cat into the living room and letting him sleep on my chest.

    Well, all written out like that it hardly looks exciting at all, heh.

  2. I love the shirt you got for Trav! In fact, I kinda wish it were mine. . .