Monday, April 7, 2014

Stress and De Stress

Ya'll, I'm tired.

Very pleased to say that my Senior Portfolio Show is done, thank God. We had a really great turn out and it was nice to show off all my work and get positive feedback. Our speaker, Nathan Yoder, did a great job, and was a total cutie imo. I'm not quite done with my lookbook, so you'll have to wait another week or so before my clothes are for sale (if my teacher ever approves the design, jfc), but I do have a shiny new portfolio site!

Now that the senior show stress is all over, I just have normal stress to deal with! I've been on my antidepressants for about a month and a half now, so I thought I'd let you know how that was all working out. I had headaches for the first couple weeks, but those went away. I've been dealing with some sexual side effects, and I've lost about 10 lbs because I just don't have as much of an appetite. I'm paying attention to my weight and how much I eat, but I'm not going to worry unless I slip below 120 lbs, because that would get me into the underweight territory. I'm mostly worried because a lot of my cute clothes are too big for me now haha!

Other than that, they've been really good! I still have some anxious nights and bad moods, but I feel much more positive overall. It's a lot easier to handle bouts of anxiety when you're not depressed about it. 

I feel like that all sounds like small potatoes when I can sum up my whole senior show into like a sentence and a half, because it really was a huge amount of work. I've mentally moved on to graduation, Italy, finding a job, and moving into an apartment with Travis.

Dress: Dear Creatures
Shoes: Wanted
Brooch: Made by Me


  1. I'm glad that things are going relatively well! Can't wait to see the lookbook :D

  2. In love with that dress. So sweet. Also, thanks for favouriting my etsy store! I was just looking at yours and saw my shop in your favourites list :) I got a little bit excited haha.


  3. nice dress! <3
    x natasha x

  4. Good luck with the end of school etc!

  5. Seriously appreciating the candidness here rachel! So happy that your show went well and this Dear Creatures dress is a DREAM!
    xo Hannah

  6. You're so cute! The hair always strikes me the most.

  7. I'm glad the meds seem to be helping. Maybe after a bit more time your appetite might return and everything will settle down.

    Cute dress too!

    ~ K

  8. How did I miss this post?! Oy. I'm in love with that dress + those boots. Re: antidepressants - I tried this otc tonic called "Woman of Wisdom" for the sexual side effects, and it works really well. It sounds super new-agey, but that's just the way it's advertised: the active ingredient itself has a lot of research behind it.