Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Obsessions: Marina and the Diamonds

Really I could listen to Marina on repeat forever. She's been around since 2010, but I just found out about her last year. Her two albums, Family Jewels and Electra Heart are both equally amazing, and I highly recommend playing through them both (endlessly) if you're new to her.

She's got this fabulous, fun, sassy persona and sings pop songs about love, adolescence, and glamor, which is really all I want in a musician. But on top of that this girl's voice is bonkers. I was surprised to learn that she didn't get into music due to her (totally awesome) voice, but primarily for the lyrics. Not that that doesn't make sense, because they speak to me, they do. But I woulda given her a record deal in a hot minute for her voice alone! She also made her first album, Family Jewels, entirely by herself, music and all! Seriously impressive. I've got such a crush.


  1. I looove Marina. She's definitely a dream come true for me--I love artists that have a concept for their public personas and art direct their whole look and feel. I'm also a sucker for mature, morose, or profane lyrics in otherwise happy sounding music so I die for her songs. :) <3

  2. Marina is so great! her voice is beautiful and her songs are fun! Plus she has a lot of great messages in her songs as well which is part of what attracted me to her music.

  3. Yes! Marina and the Diamonds is one of my favorites, for sure! I can't wait for their next album!