Friday, April 25, 2014


Ooooh look at the Spring!
I've really been loving the weather, all bare legs and no sleeves. I wish it would stay this temperature, though, instead of getting up in the humid sticky 90s that I know we'll be enduring come June.

So I found this dress on sale at Urban. Most dresses there are $30 or so when they're marked down, but this one was like $6 something! I was like "...ok what's the catch." So I tried it on, and turns out the zipper was straight up broken. Hohoho did you think you had me there, Urban? I can replace a zipper!

So I did. And tbh it looks even better now, because the one that it came with was one of those exposed metal zippers that have been trendy lately. I peeled off the clearance tags and this thing was originally $80! Can you believe that!! Honestly, I don't think the clothes there are very high quality, especially not for the high prices. But damn I got lucky, right?

I may end up replacing the straps too, because spaghetti straps aren't really my thing.

(jacked these nails from The Clothes Horse, no regrets)

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Thrifted (but they're originally Urban haha)
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Thrifted
And yeah, it doesn't hurt that it matches my hair perfectly.


  1. Loooove it (big surprise, right?)! Sometimes an outfit's gotta be simple for one stellar piece to stand out. Also, I'm super jealous of how green everything is!

  2. Love this outfit and your nails!

    Come visit me soon! I miss you!


  3. I wish it'd stay Spring too! I can't handle the heat here in summer at all. You look lovely in all pink!

  4. Love the pink on pink. Also, good job with replacing the zipper (the exposed zippers drive me nuts)

  5. All pink everything, that's the life.

  6. This dress is so awesome! Love the texture, and of course it's just made more wonderful with your hair :) So pretty!!