Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Outside Again

First, thank you all so much for your kind words on my last post and/or facebook about my senior thesis! It's been a ton of work and it's great to know that I saw this whole thing through.

Anyway, I am so excited to be shooting outside again!
My sweetie mommy got me a new tripod for Easter (the one that Michelle recommended me actually) and now I can go out of my dingy studio to take photos. Obviously I was so pumped to be outdoors that I didn't adjust the brightness properly and now my dress kindof hurts my eyes. But other than that they turned out real cute! I can't wait to go on adventures with this baby.

Good old Cotton building, I will miss you. It seems I'm down to my last few weeks at Winthrop ever, which is freaking me out a little. Mile markers like graduation always get me thinking about the past. I've changed so much since highschool. Like I used to be super uncomfortable with poop jokes and I corrected people's grammar all the time. I had a pair of black Converse I wore every day that were full of holes. Drew on my jeans, too. I was really into musical theater, and not really into makeup.

Still a cat person tho.

Dress: Target
Jackets: Thrifted
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Socks: Uniqlo
Necklace: Forever 21

Looking forward to the bright new future rn.


  1. nice style, like it! <3

    x tasha

  2. Shine bright like a diamond ;) I love that orange lipstick with your pink hair... both so bright and feisty! & I confess, poop jokes still make me cringe, haha

  3. You may not like the way the color made your dress so white but your HAIR looks amazing! That third shot - love it.

    By the way - your email was filtered into a spam foldre and I JUST saw it! I will be replying right away. So SO sorry to get back to you late like that!

  4. You look super cute as always! I hope the tripod treats you as well as it's treated me! I love that thing :)

  5. Love the back on that dress! And the color on your lips is perfect! Looks so cute with your freckles.