Friday, March 28, 2014

Campus Princess

I like how well these tights match my skin color. Almost fooled you into thinking it's spring weather here, huh! It's close, though. This week is supposed to be in the 70s <3

It's been awhile since I've worn this dress because it seems like a winter dress to me, but the short hem and no sleeves say otherwise. So I just had it hanging on my wall like the beautiful piece of art it is... It doesn't really jive with my ever more simplistic style these days, either, but it made me feel like a princess around campus!

So nothing is really new in my neck of the woods, just doing school things/trying to put off doing school things. I'm really looking forward to getting any amount of money so that I can use it to buy a new tripod. Then I can take photos outside again in the beautiful springy weather!! Been spending all my pennies on things like portfolios and business cards. Grown up things cost a lot. At least my business cards are actually adorable. I'll share them on here soon!

If you're wondering about the verdict on this hairdye, I used Splat and it's faded a bit after two washes in cool water. It still looks pretty even and it's still a nice shade at this point.

Dress: Romwe
Shoes, Cardigan: Thrifted
Petticoat: American Apparel

Hope it's warm where you are.


  1. You sure as hell look like a princess! That dress is luscious - the petticoat especially.

  2. Very cute dress! I'm also in the market for a tripod. I plan to get something light that can fold up pretty small so I don't have to haul a giant clunker around with me. lol

  3. Sooo pretty. Love it with the petticoat, too!

    xox Sammi

  4. Wow- never would have known you were even wearing tights without you saying so! Can't wait to see the business cards too :)

  5. That dress is a piece of art! Love it. The petticoat under it just tops it all off. Looks gorgeous. Hopefully it helps bring in the spring weather. ♥

  6. Eek, love this dress, and how fun with the petticoat underneath! I like the taupe neturals you chose with the shoes & sweater, too. With your hair and glasses girl this dress looks made for you! Makes me think I need a princess dress now too, you just look so happy in it! Princess-y indeed :)

    <3 Meg