Friday, March 7, 2014

DIY: A Two-Piece Dress

Hey! Today I'm going to show you guys how to turn a dress into a two-piece playsuit!

This dress was on the short side, even for me, and didn't hit me at my waist. So I decided to give it a little renovation that would add some extra length. 
All you'll need is a dress, scissors, paper, and a sewing machine.

1. First, cut the dress in half at the waist.

 2. Next, hem the top half by folding the raw edge under twice. Mine was knit, so I sewed some paper to stop it from puckering.

3. Once you rip the paper off, you'll have a nice hem.

4. Now, take the skirt and hem the rough edge on it. Mine had elastic in it, so I pulled it taut to keep the puckering on it. 

5. This left my skirt a little bigger than it should have been, so I pinned it to make it fit my waist. 

6. Starting where you pinned, sew diagonally down to the bottom hem of the skirt.

And that's it! Ta Da, now you have a two piece outfit.


...and after!

Let me know if you try it, I'd love to see your results!


  1. this is amazing!! it looks so so so cute on you as a two piece! plus now you can remix it w/ so many things come summer. that's a great tip about the paper too. i was thinking "doesnt that itch you?" but then kept reading haha. best luck on your thesis project!! looks awesome from what i've seen on instagram!

  2. Amazing DIY! I've wanted a twin set for so long and now I can make one! Thank you xo

  3. Two pieces are so cute, so this is great!

  4. Love this! I totally have a dress that this would be perfect for, too... Looks like I'm going to be doing a little sewing this week!

  5. I love the two piece version :) It's a shame I'm too clumsy at DIY, it would be a disaster...

  6. Dus pointed me here — after she saw my latest outfit post and my complaining and indecisiveness over whether I was wanted to transfer an ill-fitted dress into a skirt or just leave it be. What a perfect solution! I just fixed up my sewing machine this weekend and this project will be next on the list. Happy to have found your blog too; you're such an inspiration!

  7. Love this so so much! so easy to follow, I'll definitely be doing this, I've been meaning to make my dress into a two piece for aaaages!