Monday, January 27, 2014

Rad Femme

My hair is finally practically perfect! The pretty peach kept fading so fast, so I put in some magenta dye that made me look like a damn highlighter. After a couple of washes, all but the roots have faded to a pretty perfect shade of pink. It's really hard to find things that look good with this color, though, so I think I'll be wearing more blues and neutrals in the coming weeks!

I was a little nervous to go out in public on the first and brightest day, but even though I've gotten a few stares from old people, almost no one has made any remarks. Other than kids. I walk by families and the children are like "WOAH. PINK HAIR." They can't take it.

If you're curious, what you see here is a mix of Manic Panic's Bubblegum Pink, New Rose, and Hot Hot Pink on hair that was bleached from red and is a light shade of orange, except for the roots area, which is light yellow. I've washed it twice in hot water (in an attempt to make it fade faster lolol).

I locked my keys in my car on Friday. I wish I could say that it wasn't the 7th time in my college career that I'd had to call AAA, but I had to wait around feeling like an idiot again. It was my fault, but that didn't make me want to blame the world any less while I waited for an hour in a grungy gas station while skeezy dudes asked me for lighters and complimented my outfit. Like sir, I'm sure you probably mean well, but I am a girl alone in a sketchy gas station. Can you please keep your compliments to yourself?

Then, this weekend, Travis took me to Ulta and let me pick out a makeup! I got some Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner <33 and couldn't resist buying a Too Faced copper shadow myself! That more than made up for my own lame forgetfulness, I was like a kid in a candy store!

And I love my new tote bag by Lize Meddings!

Dress: American Apparel
Shoes, Vest, Daisy Brooch (actually an earring): Thrifted
Socks: Forever 21
Necklace: Handmade by Me
Roller Brooch: Available in my Shop

For real not looking forward to the 6 hour block of classes I have this evening!


  1. Your hair really looks rad! Cute dress too! :)

  2. The new hair colour turned out great! Also lovely bag too. :]

  3. Love hot pink hair, reminds me of Pink in Lady Marmalade! <3

  4. The pink looks so good on you!! I've been wanting to color my hair a crazy shade lately! Also, what kind of shampoo are you using? Because I'd def invest in some quality shampoo and conditioner (from a salon!) to keep from fading too fast! Also I've read that mixing conditioner in with Manic Panic will lighten it a bit, but I've never used the stuff myself.

  5. I feel like this is the color you've been wanting and man, it looks great on you, especially in contrast with the blue ensemble.

  6. Your hair looks fantastic, and I looove those little shoes!

    xox Sammi