Sunday, January 5, 2014


I repinked! I bleached it again, then I mixed a darker dye this time and left it on for 16 (!!) hours, so I'm hoping it'll last longer this time! It fades from pink to peach because I just can't get rid of that orange on my hair from the multiple auburn dyes I used over the past year. I also had my Mom give me a trim last night, so I'm practically a whole new woman now!

And I've completely forgotten how to dress myself. Not that I don't like this outfit, I think it's fine, but I went through about 10 different combinations before I decided to wear this. I just don't know what I want.

In other news, Travis comes back from Italy tomorrow and I'm picking him up at the airport. I'm really excited for him to be back! We're gonna eat a pizza and then snuggle. It's supposed to be like 8 degrees here tomorrow night! That's gotta be considered cold, even for people who don't live in the South, right?
I get a week more of break before I have to go back for my last semester. Omg.

This dress is probs the best pattern I own. It's strapless, but I want summer dressing back so I wore it anyway, under some layers. It's been gathering dust lately because the boning in the bodice was starting to wear through and get bent out of shape. So I just removed it with a seam ripper and it's tons better now!

Dress, Tights: Target
Vest, Collared Shirt, Cardigan: Goodwill
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Target + DIY

I've been watching a lot of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Charlie <33) and sitting around in an art rut, so I'm determined to actually paint something today. No excuses.

PS. LimeCrime Velvetines are just as good as everyone says. Little drying perhaps, and come off when you eat greasy things, but still. I'm wearing Suedeberry here.


  1. I want to say "your lips look perfect" but it sounds much creepier outside my head so I will say "you look lovely!" instead. i have a weak spot for oversized floral prints so obviously I love this dress. i am not excited about the cold front everyone is talking about— my little southern heart might explode! but i guess that's what layers are for... the cold and dark winters always put me in a 'make stuff' rut. most of the times if i force myself to just sit down and start something, anything, it makes me feel better. have fun with travis and painting while the break lasts!

  2. I love your hair color and that collar- so cute! Good score! Have fun on your pizza date :)

  3. wow, i am impressed, good job on your hair color, you look amazing w/ pink hair!! and i love how you have so many layers here but it all seams together so well and looks so fitted still, i have a tough time w/ that in layering.

  4. You are always so bold with your hair choices! I like this look.

  5. ahh that fated auburn tormentor!! every time i tried to get rid of my red hair i ended up having to hack a lot of it off, it's so hard!! and i love this spunky shade on you- it fits you to a tee :D

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Love this look, that dress is adorable (and your hair is freakin awesome!)
    Love your blog, new follower via bloglovin :)
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  7. Cute! I LOVE THE HAIR. Also, the skirt.