Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sick Tats

I don't know about you guys, but my weekend was a good one.

And like, most of what I did was just lay around. With Travis in bed, like a pair of self-indulgent teenagers who don't yet have bills to pay. The weather was fantastic, and we ate pizza with the windows open and it was really nice. Back to reality and school we go, though, but at least the weather's still on our side!

Do you like my new tattoo? Travis and I drew all over eachother with a sharpie, which isn't a good idea, because it rubbed off on our clothes and pillow cases.

I left my fancy new camera at school, so here are some grainy iPhone pics for ya. I'm looking forward to teaching the Travster how to use a DSLR. Then he can be my photographer 24/7 and my life will be like the centerfold of 17 magazine, right?

I noticed you can really see my beat-up lookin shin in this picture, so I thought I'd tell you how it got that way!

The biggest scar there is from when I fell off this wooden set of monkey bars in day care. I was climbing on top of them, and this jerky friend of mine was all "You can't do that! I'm going to tell on you!!" I had enough daredevil in me to be breaking the rules in the first place, but not enough to want to get caught, so I scrambled down. I whacked my leg on the ladder part in the process and then I was down real quick. Basically I lay screaming in the mulch and the teachers rushed me off to get a bandaid or something. There was an ugly gash on my leg for a month or so and it scarred up like this! As clumsy as I am, I'm pretty lucky to call that my worst injury.
Epilogue: My friend didn't end up telling on me.

Trav was enjoying being a whopping 2 inches taller than me in his fancy loafers.

Skirt: River Island via Asos
Shirt and Crop Top under it: Forever 21
Shoes: UO
Socks: Old Navy
Vest: Thrifted (Best find ever tbh)

No curling iron, no lipstick? No problem.

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