Friday, August 16, 2013

Art Lately

Here's some artwork I've been doin lately!
Here's a sassy lady who don't care.

Some ladies in love.

A thankyou card for the helpful people at my work.

And finally, a pair of headers for the lovely Jesi of Willow and Pear! Check out her adorable family on her lifestyle blog...

And her photo blog here!

Be sure to hit me up for any portraits/blog headers you want! I just got real freed up! Check out my shop for details. All the vintage is on super sale, and anything that doesn't sell will be unlisted. Get it while it's there!


  1. That ladies in love art is amazing!

  2. That first one (the laughing lady) looks rather like you! Cute.

    I like all your art, as usual. Also, that thank you card is great... you should really consider offering more stationery packs (like thank you cards + envelopes) on your site. I think those would be fantastic and people would definitely buy them.