Friday, August 2, 2013


What a freakin day. Yeah okay so I'm scheduling this so it'll be yesterday by then, but it was rough!

I went into work at 8 am, which is early for me. I scrambled around all day trying to get things done for hours, and didn't end up leaving until 7 pm. And it wasn't fun design stuff, it was wrestling withe printer, folding and assembling packets, stapling, and distributing them. Like no fun at all. I had a 2 hour break at 2, during which I a) Got a pap smear b) Got a shot and c) Got my blood taken for tests.

I really did maintain a positive attitude through most of this. The other designers at work are so nice and helpful, I would probably have cried if it weren't for them.

Is it weird to take outfit photos in a graveyard? It seems a little bit disrespectful to me. Like here I am, walking on people's coffins, taking selfies. I dunno.

The evening is officially the best time to take photos, though. I drove out to a different location to capture the golden light only to realize there was no memory card in my camera. By the time I got to this new location, it was sunset, but the light was still beautiful! Unfortunately, photo experimentation just wasn't in the cards and the battery died after only a few shots. I really would have liked to play around some more, but I think these turned out okay anyways.

I shot these on full Manual, which is crazy for me, but I think I had the ISO too high because it's way grainy. And I obviously had some focus issues. I'm really having fun learning (slowly) and I'm going to get my own DSLR so I can keep it up at college.

Two Piece Dress and Necklace: Handmade by Me
Jelly Shoes: ASOS
Sunglasses: F21
Bag: Goodwill

Btw, pap smears hurt!


  1. Oh, what a tough day indeed! Sometimes those just happen but it's very good that you kept a positive attitude. You go girl! I (secretly) really love this graveyard pictures. There's not many tombstone gravesites here where I live (mostly just those plaques on the floor kind of thing). Looks very cool/very creepy! Uhmmm, you made this dress?! You're so talented!!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Also, I don't think dead people would mind too much you traipsing on their tombs, but they might think you're weird! ;) IMO this would have been made perfect with some bad eyeliner lines and goth sulk. XD

  3. I just realized you made that dress! TOO COOL

  4. I LOVE that dress, and it goes perfectly with the necklace.

    I don't see graveyard photos as disrespectful. I think of them as using what's old to create new art, which is pretty cool.

  5. Well, it is blurry but I think the outfit is pretty.

  6. I've always loved graveyard photos- they're a bit trippy but can be very beautiful! I love your crop top/skirt outfit and your jellies!

    Xo, Hannah

  7. ooo i actually really like the graveyard shots! it's a really cool backdrop and i LOVE your outfit. that two piece is adorable. and awww that stinks your day was sooo long. at least you have awesome coworkers! the last office i worked with there was only THREE of us, and the other two people were totaly dragons. it was exhausting.

    xo marlen
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  8. I love the two piece dress! You are super talented!