Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Highest Heels

Okay so I still need to get better at shooting in Manual, but it's really hard to practice when it is humid as fuck outside.

I bought these shoes literally 30 minutes before I took these pictures. I'm doing a really crappy job of sticking to my shopping ban, but I really don't regret it at all. They're like, the coolest things I've ever put on my feet, and were on clearance at Target for $15. Only two pairs left, and one of them fit me!

Summer is creeping to an end, and it's making me antsy. I like change, but when an event (any event) is coming up on me, I just get anxious awaiting it. I'm ready to go back to school already! And to pack... oh I love packing.

I'm going to go through my closet as I pack my stuff for school, and probably list some more stuff on etsy, and maybe start a shop my closet? I feel really guilty when I have clothes that I don't wear. I've got to start shopping smarter, that's my new school year's resolution.

Honestly, I love back-to-school season. I love the cheesey commercials with mixed-race 5th graders singing about their new notebooks, I love buying pencils and folders, and I love fall fall fall. I'm really sad that this is my last year to be a part of it! Are any of you guys going back to school soon?

dress, necklace: forever 21
shoes, cardigan: target
ice cream pin: for sale in my shop!


  1. Ahhh this backdrop is so perfect & I'm in love with your shoes! Target is the best n__n

    Fall's impending arrival is making me sad too! ;__;

  2. Love those shoes. Also you comments about the commercials really made me smile. lol!

  3. Gah I adore this dress and want it so badly now! The color is great and I really like that it looks ridiculously comfy too. Your new shoes look great! Also, loved the beach photos from last post, I laughed at the ugly kisser part and adore your new AA dress- the color you got is AMAZING!

    1. It was only $14 and I JUST bought it. I'm sure they still have some!
      Also, thanks for your help with sizing, the Medium fits perfect :)

  4. You obviously needed these shoes! They rock. Like you. Also, I love the simplicity of this. I'm a sucker for back to school stuff too!

  5. Awesome backdrop!