Wednesday, August 14, 2013



Just a couple little pictures for you today of my outfit: a super girly vintage dress that I tried to edge-ify with black, studs, and leather. What does "edgy" mean anyway? On the edge of what?

I've got a busy busy weekend ahead of me. Today is my last day at work (Halleluiah), Thursday we are moving my sister into her new apartment at school, Friday I'm visiting with my bf, and Saturday I'm moving back into my dorm! How uncool is it that I am a senior still living in a dorm? You can thank Winthrop's tiny campus and my roomates' paranoid mothers for that.

Dress: Vintage
Necklace, Crown: DIY
Shoes: Target
"Belt": A scrap from Grandma's sewing room

I thought my makeup looked ballin today. My Mom is trying to keep me at home by showering me in eyeliner and chocolate, so I've got some cool turquoise and gold stuff to try out this week. I'm going to miss my family (and cat) but it will be nice to be back at school. I can't believe it's my senior year! I can't believe I wish I had more college years ahead.

I won't miss this cat, though.


  1. Not gonna lie- that gif surprised the heck out of me when first clicking on to the page!

    Good luck with moving.

  2. DUDE. I'm still living in a dorm for my senior year too! I always hate telling people that, so I'm glad you can relate. This dress is just lovely and I'm still loving those shoes. Good luck moving back in!

  3. Oh my, love this look! Especially the shoes and crown, eek <3 Ya so creative!

    <3 Meg