Sunday, August 25, 2013

But It Was On Sale

My dresses from the Modcloth Sale came! 

Okay so technically I'm supposed to be on some kindof a shopping ban. And I really have been buying less... maybe I should adopt a lifelong shopping ban mindset, because I have been thinking about my purchases much harder, and I don't regret a single one of them from this month!

Anyway, I definitely would've been kicking myself if I hadn't bought this dress. It's Dear Creatures, a brand we all have a crush on (amirite?) and it was marked down to $40. I've had my eye on this one for awhile, and I even tried it on in a boutique over spring break! This color is modcloth exclusive or something, and I probably would have picked the white tbh. But I love it I love it I love it, and I'm so happy it's mine!

The other dress I got was a lot cheaper, and Travis bought it for me as a little gifty! I have to take it in some before I wear it, but it's super pretty too. I bought him a video game as a thankyou.

I actually went out and bought an iron for this dress. That's right, I didn't own an iron until now, and I almost killed an old dude trying to get to it at the store! He was walking really slowly through the isle with his wife who was in a wheelchair, and he sat down right in front of the ironing boards. I was all "Excuse me, can I just. grab. thissss" and then as he shifted out my way, a bunch of boards fell on him! That sounds a lot gnarlier than it was, it was more like they were stacked up behind him and just sort of thunked against his back. But they kept doing that every time I tried to angle them back towards the shelf and eventually he just told me to leave and I just kindof ran away like "Aaack I'm sorry!"

I mean, maybe I could have handled it better...

Here was Trav's outfit.

Shoes: Kimchi Blue from UO
Bag: Fred Flare
Brooch: Handmade, Available in my Shop!
Hat: Target


  1. ha! what a great story, the dress is really cute! I didn't let myself look at the sale....I knew I would buy something and i caaaan't.

  2. Oh my, was that sale not the best!? This dress is adorable on you! Alex

  3. This dress is perfect on you. Love the netting on top and I am so glad you bought it! That sale is really hard to resist. I too fell victim -- a 90$ (I already own in black) on sale for $ is a girl to say no?

    Your boyfriend's shirt is a really great color and I like his shoes. Y'all look wonderful!

    I still don't own an iron. I use a blow dryer if it's really bad, but otherwise, whatever, wrinkles!

  4. Looks so lovely- that lattice detail is adorable!

  5. You look awesome in that dress! I totally missed buying anything in the sale because I didn't have any money. I definitely tab-shopped though!

    I'm more of a steamer gal myself, my husband likes irons.

    Also, holy adorable brooch, batman!

  6. OMG!! I have not checked out your blog in way too long and I feel like such a bad person for doing that :| Blame university! I haven't had time to read anyone's blogs. Anyway, FREAKING HECK you look so gorgeous with your red hair!! It suits you so, so well.

    And I laughed a lot at your story. Aww man.

  7. Love the dress (hell yes to all the Dear Creatures dresses), and I lifted my shopping ban for the ModCloth sale, as well. How could you not?! You look adorable in that close-up shot!

    xox Sammi

  8. Hahaha, just because of that title I knew I had to pore over your entire post! Ah, I can totally relate. But it's on... sale! Is it weird that I tend to do that with art supplies, too? Man, art sales totally get me. You can always use a new Sharpie or set of charcoal... yum.

    Anywho, this dress is adorable. Thats some freakin' amazing lattice detail going up around the shoulders and I adore your quirky little glasses. What a cute lady you are!!

  9. Gah - your whole outfit - <3!!! Could this dress be anymore perfect?!!! I'm guilty of breaking my ban for the same thing...haha, and it's a good thing I didn't see this little Dear Creatures number because I would have wanted snag it too!

    Aw that story about the iron...eeks, I would have been so awkward and mortified - though I can totally see that happening to me as I've been guilty of accidentally knocking over displays before!

  10. Ehehe, your blog never ceases to fail at making me laugh (it's secretly my favorite blog) and that dress is super cute! :)

  11. Love the title of your posts; it's so true. This is the most incredible perfect stunning dress ever, those cutouts are so beautiful. Ah! Now I want this dress.

  12. you look lovely in this dress! <3

    feel free to visit my blog + i follow you with gfc :*