Monday, August 19, 2013

Back At School

Hey dudes!

Since we last spoke, I've moved back into school! Moving in is always awful for my anxiety, but my room looks super cool. Classes haven't started yet, but I'm all moved in to my dorm, and I'm excited to start my senior year. I'm taking a drawing class in anatomy (will be sketchin nudes, penises and all), one on heroes and antiheroes (idek), art history on the italian renaissance, marketing, weight lifting, and some senior thesis stuff. I know I'm gonna be bad at anatomy... I can draw nudes all day, but I'm no good at getting things precise and scientific. At least I can bond with my friends over how awkward it'll be drawing that 70 year old model.

I'm also super jazzed to have my air all bright again! It looks so cool in these pictures I just wanna grin. It matches my dress perfectly, and I was real pleased to pair it with my new vintage leather vest and spikey necklace.

I got my first drive-by compliment today on these tights. "I like yo leggins, gurl!"
I shouted back, "thankyou!"

Dress: Forever 21
Vest: Thrifted
Tights: Unique Vintage
Shoes: Target + DIY
Necklace: Handmade by me
Purse: Fred Flare

I noticed that my posts have started showing up in my own feed in reader. Are you guys still seeing them okay? Maybe it has something to do with me scheduling the posts. Let me know! I just want to make sure nothing is going wrong.


  1. Your posts are showing up for me! I love this outfit tons! The leather vest is perfect and that dress looks super comfortable. <3

  2. I was thinking you'd dyed your hair again! Very eye-catching.

    Lol about your worries of drawing the nudes. I'm sure your ability to draw anatomy well will just improve- that is what the class is for after all. But totally get your about the models bit. Weirdest experience with that was when it turned out the model was a friend and co-worker from the theater department. A titch awkward to spend two hours drawing her naked and then twenty minutes later be working with her on a show. Oh well. Real life, I guess.

    I follow your blog through bloglovin and it is showing up fine btw.

  3. Love the floral tights and the adorable purse! Alex

  4. Love this dress, I almost bought it the other day too! :) And your hair looks AWESOME, great color for you. Have fun at school, soak it up!!

    <3 Megan

  5. This has got to one of my favorite outfits of yours! :3

  6. Gosh you're gorgeous! And I love drive-by compliments - my friends and I drove around the inner-city recently giving them out, trying to brighten up people's days just because. You should totally try it some time ;)