Monday, June 23, 2014

Pink and Hiding My Face

Today I got dressed up and took a bunch of pictures, mostly covering my face. Which is kind of a shame because I was wearing this pretty pink eyeshadow, but. 

I've been painting and running errands and searching for apartments and applying for jobs. I have two interviews coming up, wish me luck! I've said it before and I'll say it again: growing up is damn scary. All I really want is a part time job that I like, and to make money with my art on the side. And with a $20,000 debt cloud hanging over my head, is that really too much to ask? I'm going to be very sad to leave my beautiful room in the house I grew up in, as well as my family, but I'm excited to start a new life too. Idk guys things are just complicated and confusing for me right now and I'm just trying to... do whatever I'm supposed to do.

We're planning on taking my cat with us to whatever apartment we move into, because he loves me and I love him, and no one else really likes him much here. Plus he and the other cat are constantly fighting and I think it's going to give him an anxiety attack. But he's a very old, nervous kitty and I'm worried about the stress moving would put on him. Are any of you pet experts? What do you think?

The number of bug bites I got today remains to be seen.

Dress: Urban (on clearance)
Shoes: Some asian wholesale site
Necklace and Floral Crown: Handmade by Me


  1. Lovely Summer photographs! You look so pretty! Alex

  2. lovely Floral crown <3 :)

  3. Cute outfit!!! Good luck with the interviews and the move!
    About your cat: if he's constantly fighting with another cat in your current home, I don't think the stress of moving will be any worse. Just try to make it as stress free for him as possible. Whenever you move, try and bring things with his scent on them before you move him. Scent is major so having his own scent in the new place will help ease him in. And when you move him in, make sure he has ample time to explore and/or hide without introducing some new stressful thing into his environment. It helps if you can move your furniture in first and have everything set up to how you basically want it. Moving furniture around after the cat is already there can be pretty stressful because change stresses them out! There are also some calming effect plug ins that basically sort of mimic cat chemicals (pheromones? Or something like that) but they never really worked for my cat. I have a pretty anxious cat and I've had to move him with me well over 8 times since I've had him but he's actually gotten better at adjusting now that he's older, oddly enough. Good luck with everything!!

    1. Thank you so much for your cat advice! I'll definitely keep it in mind while moving!

  4. How old is your kitty? When we moved from SC to IL, we brought a 10-year-old cat with us. What worked the best was to have loading her up being the very last thing we did - minimizing her time in the crate. I let her leave the crate and roam the car as soon as it was safe/feasible, with a clean litterbox on the floor behind the passenger seat. She didn't use it, but having it there will be a comfort because it will smell 'normal' and then you don't have to worry about setting one up when you get to the new place - just move it on in and make sure your old boy sees it right away. Also set out food and water before you actually let him roam the apartment. He'll want to smell everything, but he'll be very very nervous so don't hover or follow, just let him figure it out.

    We also kept her in the car a little longer so we could move some of the big furniture in - her favorite couch, for instance, went into the apartment before she did so she had one of her favorite things in there already. If you can just move a few blankets or towels you know he likes to lay on, that will help, but you may want to give him something he can 'hide' in - a mattress up against a wall, for instance, where there's a dark space he can chill for a couple of hours unitl he feels a little better.

    Do expect him to be very nervous for a few days until the boxes are mostly gone. Cats want everything to be routine; once the furniture he's used to and knows is in place (I'm going to say mostly your bedroom stuff, since you're moving out of your parents house?), he'll focus on hanging out with that stuff and make exploratory runs to rub his smell on everything else.

    What's going to be a good giveaway is when he first uses the litterbox. He won't do that until he feels at least mostly safe. Once you see him use the litterbox, you're in the home stretch of him settling in.

    1. When we moved from IL to SC, rather. I haven't had my coffee yet.

    2. I think my cat's around 12 years old. Thanks so much for the advice, it helps a lot!

  5. The headband goes with that dress well. And yes, growing up is indeed scary. But you'll do fine. We're rooting for you!

  6. Growing up sucks :( But at least you look sweet and there was pink eyeshadow, so there's that. I wish I had cat advice but as it is I'll just send purrs. *purrs*

  7. hehe I love the picture in which the tree is covering your face, too cute!

    Great outfit, and the floral headband just tops of the look!

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  8. So cute! I really love that flower crown :3

    I've always heard that you should bring the scent of your cat to the new place a day before. Like put a blanket in their bed before they sleep in it or just take the whole bed to the new place.

  9. Growing up IS scary, but we figure it out I think! :) Love this outfit! And these poses are great, love the last photo especially!

    <3 Megan

  10. Hahaha, growing up is for the responsible, I prefer to be a hobo, thank you very much! :D Just found your blog, you're super fun and damn your drawings are awesome! They remind me of Daria, for some reason :D

  11. Growing up is so scary. I'm technically "grown up" in that I'm married, have a house, and a job (no kids yet), but I still feel like the adult world is not fully where I belong. That's why I let my style stay my own!

    Very cute dress and pictures - I love the pairing of the hard spike necklace with the delicateness of your pink frock and floral crown.

    Becca xo