Thursday, June 12, 2014

Art Lately: Plus a Call for Submissions

Pink, about routines, preparing to face the world, and a peek into a stranger's life. Inspired by Rituals by Nooran Matties.

Honey, for girls that are sweet and dangerous.

A negative doodle of some inky feelings I had one night, exploring chaos, order, inversions, and change.

Soulmates, about mean teenage love.

I'm going to start this art project where I illustrate love stories and compile them into a book. So I need submissions! Tell me a love story, keep it to a few sentences long. It can be about romance, crushes, heartbreak, rejection, how you first met your significant other, your first kiss, your best friend. Don't be afraid to tell me your regrets, or use it as an opportunity to say something you never got the chance to. The only rules are it has to be TRUE, and it has to be ANONYMOUS. Submit here!


  1. I love your work so much! I'm excited to see what else you will come up with :D

  2. I keep trying to think of a good one and having a hard time =P

  3. Your illustrations are the BOMB, lady. I'm in love with that first one especially. Your style is right down my alley. Keep making great art. :)

  4. I can't even tell you how much I love your illustrations. You are AMAZING!

  5. These are AWESOME and I really love the submission idea. Now to share a story...