Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Etsy Shop Update: Also Shop My Closet!

I just added a bunch of beauties to the Floral Prince, and they're modeled by my drop-dead gorgeous sister, Emma. Go check em out! I've also decided to make a coupon for my blog readers only, so use BLOGBUDS at checkout on my etsy for free shipping! (US only, I'm super sorry but it's really expensive to send overseas!) In the next few weeks I'm going to phase the art stuff out of my shop and into a new one. The Floral Prince will be solely for vintage! 

If vintage isn't your game, or rather, if really cheap gently used clothes is your game, check out my Shop My Closet because I put a ton in there, too!


  1. i'm trying to buy clothes from your shop my closet, but the code isn't working. or is it just for the etsy. you've got so many cute things!
    the little diary

    1. Oh, sorry, I should have been clearer! It's just for etsy!

  2. Love your gingham dress! x