Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hot Pants

And now we're back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I've still got a couple Italian things to blog about, namely the plane ride home (which was a spiritual experience) and a video that I'm gonna try to compile. I am really happy to be home, though, where I can speak the language, even if I am hyper-aware of how damn southern everyone sounds. Back with my family, my cat, and my closet. It's all good.

I bought some short shorts from American Apparel after trying them on in-store in Milan. I was not gonna buy them in Italy, though, because they do this stupid thing overseas where if something costs $50, it also costs 50 euros. Which, with the exchange rate, means it costs somewhere around $65. So, like, no thank you. But they look super hot on, so even though they were expensive in American dollars, I went ahead and splurged online!

Summer in SC is all thunderstorms all the time. Well, when it's not hella hot and humid. Don't worry, I'm still glad to be back :)

Shirt: Walmart, DIY cropping
Shorts: American Apparel
Shoes: BAIT
Knive Badge: LeMaddy, She's so cool.


  1. Those shorts are so cute and what a beautiful photo spot! Alex

  2. Those are adorable on you; totally worth the splurge!

  3. Those shorts look so cute on you! I am in dire need of some well - fitting denim shorts!

  4. THAT PIN! I like. And that conversion rate is so dumb, haha. I have moments like that with AA, too- where I frown deeply at the price but then I like it so much that I hand over my money anyway. It's worth it, right? ;)

    xo Marlen
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  5. You definitely look American! I need some jean shorts for this summer, dangit

  6. Your legs look fab in those shorts! I can see why you fell in love with them. I like them with the striped top too :) And Bait shoes are on my wishlist! I love this pair so much!

  7. I love the outfit...particularly that amazing pin and the shoes!

  8. These shorts are perfect- I can see why you had to have them! Love all the fun details like your amazing pin and fun shoes!

  9. in love with your shorts, they're perfect! great combo with the simple stripey top ❤

  10. Bah, American Apparel have some great items, but I would have to sell a liver to afford them :D
    Love the denim cut outs, so sexy! :P