Friday, June 6, 2014

Italy: Verona

Travis and I took a day trip to Verona!

Verona is not far from Vicenza, where Travis's family lives. Only 30 minutes or so by train. It's pretty small (which I liked) and famous as the setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet! It was a very pretty town, and I enjoyed a pizza topped with curly fries and some (not enough) retail therapy.

I really wanted to do some vintage shopping in Verona, since Milan didn't go so well, but guess what? All the vintage stores here were closed TOO! This time there was no good reason. It was Tuesday, and it wasn't during reposo. In Italy stores close for about three hours in the early afternoon for god knows why... naps/long lunches maybe? Either way, they should have been open because it was after 3:30. But I did end up buying some cool stuff in this store called Tiger and I got some socks at the Italian equivalent of Forever 21, OVS.

In the Romeo-and-Juliet part of the city, there was a wall covered in "Messages to Juliet." I wrote Travis's and my initials on it, in a tiny space that wasn't already covered with writing. You were only supposed to write on the white part of the wall that was designated for that purpose, but the rest of the wall was also all grafittied up. I was about to write way down at the bottom of the wall when some police guy stopped me! I was like, sir, is my writing really going to make a difference here? But whatever.

There was also a gate covered in locks that lovers had attached to it, which I'm standing in front of here. And a few walls covered with gum (?) I must have missed that part of Romeo and Juliet.

Verona is kind of an under-rated city, and definitely worth a visit as a nice break from the crowds of Rome or Florence!


  1. We liked Verona too (my then-middle school aged sister was determined to go to college there. That didn't happen but was a lovely thought, right?). Even though it was mostly fictional, I loved Juliet's house. It was fun. So cute that you added your names :)

    Also, yes, the shop close that long for lunch, which I gather is pretty typical in a lot of European cities. A family I lived with in Italy though said kids only get an hour for lunch, which might mean things are changing (we worked an English camp that was hosted in an elementary school, which was why were were discussing cafeterias...)

    Oh, that polka dot dress was gorgeous but I'm so excited to see your Italian purchases too!!!! Glad you had a fantastic time!

  2. My goodness, Verona looks such a romantic place to be at! I need a trip to Italy asap! Do you prefer Verona to Milan? You look very in tune with that pretty town :)