Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Italy: Asiago

Travis's family drove us up to Asiago (yeah like the cheese) the other day, and I was definitely not prepared for how amazing the drive would be. I'm talking tear-jerkingly beautiful, the hills are alive sort of stuff. I wanted to live there, it was like my perfect biome.

To be honest, we didn't really do much in the actual town other than getting some damn good gelato. But the scenery was amazing both there and back, so I didn't care! It doesn't have any real claim to fame other than being a ski spot in the winter, but if you're ever in Italy, I highly recommend giving Asiago a visit! Here are a bunch of photos that I mostly took from the car on my phone.

I had chocolate and blood orange ice cream! So good.


  1. Gorgeous scenery indeed! I also like you in that hat :D

  2. It looks so beautiful there!

  3. Oh the town looks so gorgeous! Perfect for fashion photo shoots, lol :D