Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow Day

 Okay I am not going to try and tell anyone that these pictures came out well. It was at 1 in the afternoon, during the harshest sunlight, and under a tree that left those little dapply lights all over the ground, so I really broke most of what I think are the right outfit-photography rules to follow. But do you see that white stuff on the ground? It snowed! And here I am standing in the last remaining patch of it.
 So I live in South Carolina. My home and school are both at the northern part of the state (one is just further west), and we normally get snow once or twice a year. But I missed it this year because I was with my boyfriend! Not that it wasn't worth it. I still got to see the leftovers!
I was driving back along the highway and I saw this white stuff on the side of the road. My first thought was that a mower had come along and shredded up a bunch of cotton plants. My second thought (forgive me) was that a washing machine had overflown and they were soap bubbles.
I figured it out.
 Now, don't let my apparent stupidity fool you! We southerners do know what snow looks like. Though we have relatively mild winters, it's hardly balmy outside, and most people think I'm crazy for not wearing pants this time of year. It just never really gets below 20 degrees.
 Anyway, I really wanted to photograph our one snow day, so here it is in all it's grainy glory! Hope you guys are having a nice week!
dress: thrifted (gift from my sister!)
shoes: modcloth (gift from Travis!)
shirt: american eagle
jacket and hat: thrifted


  1. That little floral dress with the sweet collar is too cute! I love that you found a little patch of snow to stand on, hooray!

  2. That is so crazy.
    There is snow almost overhead here. And it's February already, where's the spring?


  3. What a score that dress is! You look lovely frolicking about in the snow.

  4. Just another darling Rachel dress. So cute, as usual. And I wish I could excited about snow. I'll always be a California girl, so when it snows here I'm such a wimp.

  5. This sort of empire cute dress is very flattering for you. I like it.

  6. I love the lines of this outfit. Loose and structured in one. The shape of the hat does it a lot of justice, too.

  7. What a darling dress! I love the pattern so much :)

  8. whoa 20 degrees is SUPER cold over here... I bike to work every morning and the coldest is prob 45 and I generally completely dread it and am WAY more bundled up than you are here haha. anyway that's besides the point, that's fun you got snow! and I LOVE this dress, the print is so sweet & the cut is perfect.