Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cold and Windy

 It feels like I've been doing nothing but taking outfit pictures lately! But that's not actually true. I've actually been taking etsy shop pictures and pictures for the swap blog.
 This was a coooollld day. Well it wasn't that bad, it was just very windy. We took a biology field trip. To a field. And I stopped back by the research area to photograph my pinafore by the wetlands! That's what they call the artificial lake and swamp next to the "wooded area".
And without a coat? Oh man.
 You know, though. Even though I'm whining about the cold, I really do prefer it to the heat.

everything here is thrifted but the tights and socks.


  1. Your thrifted style is amazing and inspirational! I'm itching to go thrifting now.

  2. Love the cute little jumper and blouse combo! The little wetland area seems like a great place to take pictures. Cold pictures are terrible, but cold AND windy is just the worst!

  3. Ohh this outfits so cute! :)

    Francesca xo

  4. Another cute and very-you outfit!

  5. - pinafore by the wetlands... sounds like a poem!

    - Your blouse is beautiful & I love the creamy white color against the rouge pinafore.



  6. this is such a fantastic dress.. the buttons to the side are just wonderful. so happy to have found you and your lovely blog, now following and cant wait to see more xx

  7. I always love that romper on you, so so cute! great layering w/ the top under too. looks really gorgeous where you live!