Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not So Grown Up

 More weird pictures in front of that cotton barn. Apparently this is where I decide to get creative with the camera.  I wanted this one (below) to be focused on the twig and have me be blurry in the background, but whatever. Kindof hard to control when you're just taking a selfie on the side of the road, haha.
So how about I'm wearing sneakers here! I got them this weekend because I've been wanting some new converses, and because of my recent ingrown toenail-surgery, buying shoes with some wiggle room in them seemed like a good idea. The "surgery" went fine, by the way, it doesn't hurt at all. My toe looks gross as hell now, though. I'm trying to pretend it's just painted half red!
I used to wear converses all the time in highschool. Like I have this disgusting pair with holes in them i wore almost every day, and I wore some both years to prom (not the disgusting ones). I tried to dig up a picture for you guys from the archives of facebook, but no cigar. When my highschool sweetheart and I split we deleted all the pictures of us together. Sad, right? But anyway, wearing these recently has been like a strange blast from the past. I'm not used to looking down and seeing them!
 With the combination of this apple skirt, sweater vest, and my shiny new sneakers, I felt like a teacher and a gradeschooler at the same time. But that kindof describes my style well, I think! Part librarian, part 8 year old!
 This outfit turned out a lot nicer than I thought it would. Last night when I picked it out I just wasn't pleased.
shirt, vest, skirt: Goodwill
shoes: Journey's
coat: Modcloth


  1. This outfit is SO cute! I love the apple skirt and sneakers, what an adorable pairing! I also really enjoyed the extra/random shots mixed in!

    <3 Megan

  2. The description of your style is so cute. I used to have some pink converses too and loved them!

    I really like this outfit (as an elementary teacher, I love the skirt!) and also want to see your prom pictures now.

  3. What a fun outfit! I'll be mailing your bow shortly.


  4. You look a lot like Idina Menzel in the last photo.

  5. haha perfect description of your style and totally fits you perfectly! I love this combo w/ the vest and fun skirt & tennies! great combo!