Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lovey Dovey Extravaganza!

I don't really talk about my, um, love life here on the blog much. But I do have a boyfriend, and I thought that Valentine's Day was the perfect time to give him an official introduction! Without his permission, of course.
Now I know Valentine's Day is over. But Travis and I have been dating for two years now, and our anniversary actually is on February 16th, and his birthday is the 15th. So we have a super celebration during this time of year! We were introduced by a mutual friend who went to high school with him and college with me for a semester. He lives and goes to school in Columbia, and I live upstate and go to school in Charlotte, so we don't get to see each other every day. We usually make homework and stuff a priority so that we can see each other almost every weekend! I do wish we lived closer together, though, it would make my weekdays infinitely cheerier.
So here are ten facts about Travis!
1. He is really smart. He majors in history with a linguistics minor, and reads Wikipedia for fun. He also made a super high score on the SAT.
2. He's obsessed with Turkish culture. He loves foreign languages, but why he picked Turkey is a mystery to me! He took a class on it last year, and his teacher set him up with a language pal of sorts, a native Turk for him to practice with!
3. He's really good at video games. And believe me, he oughta be, he plays them so much! The first one I watched him play through was Portal, I think, but his Steam account has over 50 games on it. He is kind of a nerd.
4. He won "funniest" in his senior yearbook, and a good bit of our early relationship involved flirting through puns.
5. He won't wear hats, don't even try to make him.
6. He likes spicy food and puts cayenne pepper on most things. Whenever we make potatoes or pasta, I get my serving first and then he peppers up the rest!
7. He likes coffee better than tea and has become a bit of a coffee purist in recent months.
8. He can play any song by ear on the piano or guitar. I'm super jealous of that.
9. He is very level-headed. Once he was in a car accident and he freaked out less than I do over TV commercials.
10. He's my best friend!
 And we can finish off with probably the best picture of the day.


  1. You two make a great couple. He sounds like an awesome guy! P.S. I adore your socks!

  2. This post is so adorable! You guys look so happy :) I really like the little facts idea, it's fun to get to know ya (& your man hehe) girl! Love your outfit, very you!

    <3 Megan

  3. you guys are so adorable! oh and major shout out to you on my post yesterday :D

  4. Awwww, this is so wonderful! I love reading cute posts like this. You guys look adorable! Besides the fact that my boyfriend would never pose for photos with me like he did, they sound very similar. My boyfriend is just like #3 & #6-#10 :]

  5. super smart, super funny, incredibly level headed and super stylish!? you sure did get a catch didn't you!?!? I LOVED these pictures of you two, so so cute & it was fun to hear about your sweety! 2 years isn't too bad! are you a junior in college?

  6. oooh and I was just looking through your etsy shop so disregard my comment on the other post- i see lots of lovely prints there now : ) for some reason i only saw the clothing at first.

  7. Oh my god this is the cutest thing ever. Like seriously the cutest. Especially the last picture. I feel like your boyfriend and my boyfriend would get along super well - he's ridiculously smart and funny, and extremely nerdy/into video games. Also, I love this skirt? dress? Whatever it is, I love it.

  8. I think it is so fun to get to "meet" the people in bloggers lives. My guy and I live in different towns and usually make the weekend priority time to hang out too (though I get the feeling we don't live nearly as far apart).

    Travis seems like a fun guy!

  9. so endearing. i love how you speak so highly of him.