Monday, June 24, 2013

Roses and The Jungle

The day I took these my Mom had the garage door open for some gardening reason, so I went down to the creek to take pictures of this pretty pretty dress. And boy am I glad I did! These turned out pretty damn awesome. If you're wondering why I don't normally take pictures down here, this is why:

The neighbors are basically letting it turn into a jungle. The same field that I took dandelion covered pictures in a month ago is pretty difficult to even walk through now. I guess I shouldn't be judging them for their landscaping (or lack thereof) because I am some weirdo skipping through their yard to take pictures of myself with a tripod. So.

Plus it's pretty marshy down there with all the rain we've been getting.

Okay so let's talk about the beautiful vintage floral elephant in the room. This dress is bangin'. It's slammin'. It's covered in roses and came with a matching red sash. It also was a size 14, so I had to stumble around the sewing machine getting it to fit me. I couldn't just hem it obvi, look at the trim! So I had to cut the skirt off and raise it up. Which proved difficult since it had a zipper in the back. So I had to replace that too, and take in the bodice. The result isn't too shabby! Though the princess seams don't fall on my boobs the way they should.

Since these turned out so good (come to think of it, my last shoot out here was really nice, too), I might have to trek out to the jungle more often for photos! Maybe next time I'll wear proper adventure gear (AS IF).

dress: thrifted
shoes: you can't even see them, don't lie
crown: DIY
ring: etsy (bellatrina jewelry)

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  1. I love how the dress turned out! I can't count how many good dresses I've turned down at thrift stores for their size. I have about 5 I bought for when I get better at sewing and can fit them to my size! I totally feel you on taking pictures in forests. The land around my house is very pretty but mostly overgrown so I resort to my yard most of the time!

  2. Such a beautiful dress, and the floral crown is perfect with it! I love the overgrown look, though my backyard gets super marshy and wet too and it's a total pain. These photos are really lovely though!

    xox Sammi

  3. I really wanna learn how to sew like you so I can have amazing dresses without having to look at the size tag! Love the flower crown, btdubs.

  4. Beautiful! Love the dress and that amazing photo spot! Alex

  5. how absolutely beautiful you look here! i love the roses dress!

  6. Wow you did a great job slimming it down haha, it looks great! Love that your floral crown matches too! So cute. I love this spot for photos, I actually think the tall grass is pretty cool!

    1. I love how the tall grass looks, too! I just always come back itchy from posing in it haha!

  7. i love how your photos turned out in the field, even if it is getting a tad wild/overgrown--i think it actually adds to the background/setting! :D the rose print dress looks lovely on you, as does the crown (why don't i have one of those yet?)

    erica | sweets + hearts