Wednesday, June 5, 2013


WHEW. These are pictures from when my hair was auburn. I'm glad I have a few of these outfits stockpiled because I'm so busy! I know I already complained about that, but my 5 hour a day internship is turning out to be more like 7 hours a day. I'll have more time once Travis goes to Italy, but then I'll be sad. Because he'll be in Italy.

So this dress belongs to Elana of Room 334. It is super cute just like she is. I was pretty disatisfied with these pictures. Something about cloudy days makes my camera go stupid. It's not fair to blame the camera, but that's what I'm doing today.

dress: borrowed from Elana (from modcloth)
sweater: thrifted
shoes: BAIT
crown: DIY

This guy at the post office told me that in Africa they call burgundy "maroon". He knew that because he was from Africa, but I'm pretty sure people call it maroon here, too!

We are halfway through the week you guys, how about that!?


  1. I actually like quite a few of these photos, but different lighting can be tricky to learn to work with.

    Good luck with all your tasks!

  2. This is Elana's dress!? I'll have to ask her to borrow it hehe ;) it's so so cute and that BOW!!!! that bow. well you styled is amazingly! what a pretty crown :)

  3. You're just precious. I always enjoy your posts.


  4. Oh my gosh, you look so cute! I really like these pictures, you're crazy. I need to wear this dress again ASAP now thy I've gotten it back. You girls are giving me so much inspiration! It seriously looks like it was made to be worn with a floral crown.

  5. Such a pretty dress! I love how whimsical it looks! xo