Friday, June 21, 2013

Manic Panic's Electric Lava Review

I thought I'd do a little hair dye review for those of you considering dying your hair!

I used Manic Panic's Electric Lava on my hair that was already dyed auburn using some boxed dye I got from Walmart. This was basically my first foray into hair dye, so I'm no expert, but I thought I'd tell you what I did and how it worked for me. Because when I was thinking of doing it, these are the kindof tips I was looking for!

1. Dye your hair with a permanent dye first. Manic Panic didn't show up very well on my un-dyed roots, and the color underneath will start to show through the fade out.
2. Leave your Manic Panic in for a long time. It won't hurt your hair. I kept mine in for like 4-5 hours, in a shower cap.
3. It will stain your scalp. I don't know how to get around this, but it should come off within 1-3 washes.
4. Wash your hair in cool water. I put mine in a shower cap while I soaped up and stuff, so I could still enjoy a warm shower, then washed it in cool water at the end. I also showered about every other day!
5. The dye is going to come out every time you wash. Like, my water was orange for a month. This made me worried, but it didn't seem to fade too badly.
6. Manic Panic's Electric Lava, for me, lasted a long time! It was a lot less vibrant for me towards the end, but it was still definitely there. I kept it two months before I re-did it, since my roots were starting to show.

Here's some photos of the fade-out:
This is what it looked like before I dyed it, with the auburn permanent dye in.

Here it is the day after I dyed it.

Day 9

Day 11

Day 20

Day 41

Most of these photos are in the sunlight, so keep in mind that it wasn't as bright indoors. Overall I was really impressed with this color, and I'm going to buy it again and mix in some Electric Banana for a more orangey red!


  1. What a lovely colour. I'm planning on doing something similar with my hair but with blue or pink? I'm staying away from bleach this time.

    1. I'm thinking of going pink or purple in the future but I'm afraid of bleach!

  2. I love the bright red!