Tuesday, June 25, 2013

30 Facts About Me!

I love reading about other people's little quirks, and these posts are always so fun for me to read! So here are 30 facts about me.

 1. I'm allergic to dust.
2. I don't consider myself into fandoms, but I really believe I'd be a different person were it not for Harry Potter and Pokemon.
3. I think I'm funny.
4. I have a pillow pet.
5. I want to be good at everything!

6. My favorite comfort food is mashed potatoes and gravy.
7. I am not religious.
8. Me and my sister used to fight all the time. I would say mean stuff, and she would punch me, and that's about how it went down on the daily. But ever since high school we've been really close!
9. I don't have a smart phone.
10. I used to collect Archie Comics. And I was serious about it, too. I have over 200 comic books up in the attic somewhere, and copying Betty and Veronica pin ups is how I learned to draw!

11. I think I have pretty good body image, but I am insecure about my forehead, teeth, and knees.
12. I'm a vegetarian! Actually a pescatarian. I eat fish on occasion, but it sounds kind of pretentious to say pescatarian. Yes, it's for moral reasons. I try not to get too preachy with people about it, but I do believe that if you have a choice between killing an animal and not... then, well, don't.
13. I'm so scared of growing up!
14. I'm not good at drinking alcohol.
15. My house has an amazing garden! My Mom's really into gardening. She's got an eclectic sort of taste, and there's just different flowers growing everywhere rather than organized manicured bushes in a row.

16. Never have been a dog person.
17. I sucked my thumb until 2nd grade, slept with my blankie until high school, and had a stuffed animal that I named Clouton.
18. I am very self centered.
19. I love watching TV.
20. I always wanted glasses, and I was so excited when the board started to look blurry my 10th grade year!

21. My hair has never been this long in my life. I've always kept it shoulder length or above, save for a frizzy stint in middle school, I think. It got below shoulder length then.
22. I am a feminist!
23. I'm really competitive and I get jealous when people do better than me.
24. Fish mouths freak me out. They're so gapey.
25. In high school I made really good grades and took lots of AP and honors classes. I only took one art class at the end of my senior year!

26. I love my cat a lot.
27. I wish I could play an instrument. I used to take guitar lessons, but I wasn't very good (or patient).
28. I twirl my hair all the time, and I bite my lips.
29. I think astronomy is fascinating! My Dad is a geek about it (and other things) too, and he has his own little telescope. We've been looking at Saturn lately! Growing up, we all went to these Starry Night specials at the local science center where we'd look through telescopes and learn about constellations.
30. I sing a lot in the car.

Okay now tell me weird stuff about you!

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  1. Oh, I love Archie comics! We have a ton floating around our house that we grew up in, between my sisters and I. We would read them incessantly on car trips or during breakfast, haha. Also Pillow Pets! We have one too, he's a moose :) Love 'em!

  2. love this! harry potter, pokemon, and zelda totally shaped my life! let's be bffs.

  3. i love posts like this because i never would have known we had so much in common! cat lady, harry potter loving, feminist, non-smart phone owning vegetarian-ish bloggers unite! i'm also fascinated by space and stars and planets.

    i love these photos of you, too. i don't think people get goofy enough on their blogs! wait, maybe i don't get goofy enough— this will have to change. but you do look adorable and i kind of want to hangout and look at saturn with you.

  4. Hahah this was AWESOME! I loved Archie comics too, but I never got quite THAT large of a collection. AAnd how cool is it that you learned to draw from that? I don't have a smart phone either and I just turned veggie! Alsooo I don't want to grow up either. Gross.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. I love this post! Also, this is such a weird thing to say to be prepared: I'm really self-conscious about my knees as well and I have always thought that you have great knees! Haha!!

  6. Oh, how fun to learn more about you. We would probably all be such different people without Harry Potter. Also, I legit feel sad for the kids who will not get that experience of waiting for each new book.