Sunday, March 10, 2013

Unicorn Tee

 So, right now I thought I'd be in VA on vacation, but my plans got altered, which I hate. I'll still be going, but for four days instead of 7 (and most of two of those days will be spent driving). Bleah.
So today I went back to the field for my biology class. We've got an ecology project to do right now and it's not fun. My group said to the teacher, "How about we compare the pH levels in the lake vs the wetlands?"and she was like, "How about you count the number of trees." So that's what we're doing and it's not fun. It was so windy out I couldn't see for all the hair in my face, and it was nearly impossible to tell which trees we had already counted.
Plus one of the girls in my group rubs me the wrong way because she doesn't say thankyou when I drive her places to and from the site.
In other, less complainy, news: Check out this shirt I designed! It was for a school assignment on screen printing. I obviously drew a unicorn. I wish I would have gotten to print it myself, but we ran out of time. But luckily I'll get a chance to one by myself in my other printing class.
Also my glasses remind me of Barbie.
shirt: designed by me!
shorts: thrifted
shoes: Modcloth
cardigan: my boyfriend's, American Eagle


  1. That's SO cool you designed the tee, its adorable! I also really love your necklace, where is it from! Good luck with the tree project, I had to do a similar one in school too!

    1. Thanks Hannah!
      The necklace is from forever 21!

  2. How cute and you designed it? Fun!