Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From the Mountains

 So I'm back from spring break and my trip to Virginia!
I spent about half of spring break throwing up a lot. A whole lot.
But the trip to Virginia was great, however brief! I got to hang out with my cousins, hear family stories and see old photos, go to a great big old cavern and eat some fudge!
 Oh and I also bought this dress! My cousin Claire took us downtown and I got it at a real cute boutique. I'd been eyeing it on modcloth for awhile now (it's on sale there!) but I'm glad I got it at the boutique. The size large I'm wearing is still pretty snug, and I totally would've bought a medium. It cost the same at the store and this way I didn't have to pay shipping! I love the way it looks on me.
 I also got a cute leather kitty change purse at the caverns gift shop. Don't know what the hell it has to do with caverns but.
 I'll have some pictures from my trip up later this week!
dress: the Yellow Button boutique
necklace, hat: f21
shoes: DIY + Target


  1. That dress fit you well.

  2. That dress is so cool! You look amazing in it.

  3. sooo cute also LOVE that coin purse..i have somehow misplaced mine and its making my wallet FAT :D cute GIF too :)

  4. Love both the dress and the coin purse. You look very well put together here- I like how they combine. :)

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  6. That dress is so pretty. I can't believe that's a size large! That's always the risk of buying online thought, right? And I love love loooooooove your necklace! Did you get it recently at forever21? I hope they still have it because I literally would go buy it today. Perfect.

  7. Are you very, very tall? I ask only because I own the same dress, and it's a couple inches longer on me, barely much above the knee, at 5'9". It'd be cool to find a tall's definitely not common among the ones I've been following lately. Ideas that are more directly applicable to your own body type are usually ones I can more easily transfer to creative inspiration.

  8. So delightfully mod! And the red hair looks great with this dress.

  9. love how subtle but still fun the dress is & the simple pairing w/ the hat & slippers is great. also i think it's extra great to support your local boutique since they prob need the dough more than modcloth AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE that gif. how perfect!

  10. You are the cutest!
    I love this outfit so much!
    Especially the dress.