Thursday, March 21, 2013


 We had a caricature workshop in class, and I got to be drawn by a professional artist!
 Me and my friends Laura and Sam make a little clay family.
 Super Travis.
 My sister Emma in front of an old Coke mural.
 They colored the water in the fountains green in downtown Greenville. Maybe for St. Patrick's Day, maybe to freak people out. Maybe to mimic the town's name.
Cute new spring packaging for my shop!
In bio we got to look at plant cells through a microscope. It was super cool, I even got to take a video of it, the chloroplasts are actually floating around in there! In the background you can hear my teacher talking (she's from Ethiopia) and hear the music she had playing. So we could watch the cells dance. Haha.

ALSO! Just so you guys know, GFC is not shutting down. Just Google Reader. I did some research, and that's not the feed on the blogger homepage, it's separate. But if you guys want to, follow me on bloglovin!


  1. such a cool drawing of you :D and travis is hillarious!!!! also TOTALLY OBSESSED with your new packaging!

    the year of slow fashion // slow your style

  2. omg, LOVE that new packaging! So cute, as are the clay figures. That fountain is a bit creepy...but very festive?

  3. Ahaha that picture of Travis is great! And how cute is your packaging?? I need to get some money so I can buy something from your store.

  4. Very cute new packaging! Also glad you enjoyed the cartoonist coming to your class. That must be fun to talk to all sorts of artists how make a living off of their art.

  5. Haha, that caricature is amazing! And the little drawing of the prince on the package, aaahhh! <33