Monday, June 4, 2012

Wooo woooo!

That was the sound of a train. You know what that means! Time for some obligatory railroad photos.
We got there just as a train was passing. It was going pretty slow and was very loud. I didn't see that guy in the caboose when I was out there, but now I do! Look at him! He thinks I'm crazy!
 I found this cute kitty shirt at Goodwill. I love anything associated with cute kitties! It's super huge, though, which is kindof a bummer. His face looks all warped in this shot, though. I normally stray away from buying shirts with faces on them, because they look stupid over boobies!
I saw a similar necklace on Modcloth, and decided I could make my own! I'm real proud of it, but it keeps breaking. Due to my own poor craftsmanship. I also made these socks!
Guys seriously don't sit on railroad tracks. They are covered in grease. After this I had to go straight home and soap up my shorts so they wouldn't stain. Of course I had to use this shot or else my dirty shorts would have all been in vain!
 Oh hey I also made this bow, too! DIYs all over the place today!
 Ch ch ch cheesey. Gotta start pinning my bangs back. They are not a flattering summer hairstyle, at least not for my sweaty head!

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