Thursday, June 7, 2012

Checks Please!

 I think I've said before that my boyfriend lives in an old mill that's been turned into apartments. This means awkwardly placed windows and pipes running through rooms, and it's kindof a gross place. But it is interesting. These were taken in the laundry room downstairs.
I like how the checkered room matches my gingham collar! And how they painted the place to match my dress. Nice of them, right?
 I thrifted this dress a few weeks ago and shortened it. I'm not usually crazy about empire waists, but man do I love this one! It only cost $6, and the shoes were around $4.
I dress pretty consistently like either a little girl or an old lady.
Should I get contacts? Do I look better glasses-less?

dress and shoes are thrifted. socks from walmart. earrings from f21.


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